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Soil Fertility Consulting


 Soil Sampling and Fertility Recommendations

Good fertility starts with complete soil tests. Call or email to set up testing through Agronomic Solutions.

Testing is available for lawns and gardens in addition to farm fields.

Maps and recommendations are included with the sampling.  A meeting to discuss a fertility plan of action comes standard. 

Manure Sampling

We probe liquid manure pits in August for fall manure application, or early spring before spring manure application begins.

We can also grab composite samples from dry manure sources. 

Iowa Manure Management Plans and Compliance

200A Bulk Dry Animal Nutrient Broker

Complete 4 year Iowa MMPs and annual updates.

Manure use rate calculations and recommendations to achieve higher yields.

Licensed distributor to sell dry manure in Iowa. 

Sampling Supplies

Supplies on hand for collecting your own soil, tissue, manure, and ag water samples.  Multiple laboratory options.